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Client: McAfee/Intel

Role: Illustrator/Designer/Animator

Project Brief: I was hired by McAfee to work on a series of animated learning videos.  The project was so successful that they extended my contract and I worked on digital and print pieces for multiple campaigns.  I developed all the assets and utilized them in a variety of media.

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Motion Graphics

I worked with McAfee to create and animate a series of internal training videos.  

First I sketched storyboards from a script that was sent to me.  These scripts covered a range of topics for McAfee Employee Learning.  Once the storyboards were approved I created the graphics in Illustrator and built the scenes I had sketched out.  Once these scenes were approved I would animate the video with After Effects.  The animations included an audio track so the elements were timed to the voice over.  I was able to build a library of assets and use them in other projects.

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